Saturday, 9 January 2016

January 2016

Its mid January in Melbourne and the new lawn is growing strongly and filling in gaps between the rolls of turf.  I have been sub turf irrigating for an hour every 3 days for the past couple of weeks, and growth has been excellent.  I have had to give it a light trim with the lawn mower already, and I am fairly confident it will withstand the usual extremely hot and windy conditions in February.
These lovely New Guinea Impatiens are beautiful plants which grow well in filtered light and very warm conditions.  I have grown them in the past and they self seed well in the open garden.  At the moment, it suits me to buy a few well developed plants just coming into flower for a burst of colour under the drab canopy of my apricot tree.  I use the shade cloth to stop birds digging the potting mix.

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